Back-to-School Headquarters: A Collection of Our Best Tips, Tricks & Hacks! by Donna John

7 years ago
Back-to-School Headquarters: A Collection of Our Best Tips, Tricks & Hacks!

It's back-to-school time – already? Yep! Time to buy those school supplies, new clothes and prepare our kids – and ourselves – to get back into the school swing of things. Whether you’ve got a little one starting preschool or a child in college, this is the place to get advice, tips, tricks and hacks from a tribe who’s been there, done that! 

How to Create a Portable DIY Homework Station for Your Kids!

College Dorm Room Supplies: 15 Things All Students Need for Their Dorm Rooms

Already Stressing Over Back-to-School Shopping? Stop & Do This!

Is Back-to-School Panic Setting In? 7 Steps to Make It Easier!

Kids Depressed & You Stressed Over Back to School? Here's Some Help!

5 Things You’ve Gotta Do Before School Starts Up (Again)!

Choosing a School for Your Child? Here’s What to Ask!

How to Make a To-Do-Before-School Morning Chart to Help Little Ones Stay on Track

School at Home: 10 Advantages to Homeschooling Your Kids

Worried Your Child Will Lose Their Glasses at School? Here's a Back-to-School Trick That Works!

3 Ways to Save Money & Maximize Back-to-School Shopping!

7-Step Schedule for Getting Kids to School on Time (Every Day!)

5 Things Preschoolers Need to Know to Master Self-control!

Summer Mess Up Your Kids Bedtime Routine? How to Get Back on Track!

Want Your Child to Succeed in School & Have a Clear Head? Organize This, STAT!

Sleep Matters for Teens & Tweens, Too! Is It Time for a Bedtime?

Want to Get a Jump on Breakfast? Here's a Quick Time-Saving Tip!

Want to Save Time Feeding Kids Breakfast? Grab a Basket and Do This!

5-Minute Breakfast Recipes: Johnsonville Sausage Wake-up Cups Are Family Pleasers

Need to Prepare Your Child for Preschool? 7 Great Books to Help!

Preschool Prep: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool!

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? What You Should Know About Kindergarten Readiness

College Freshmen Advice: 12 Tips for College Success From a Seasoned Professor

Graduation Photos: The Best Place to Take a Photo of Your College Graduate

Parent-Teacher Conferences: 3 Tips to Help Parents Make the Most of Them!

4 Tips for Parents, Teachers & Caregivers to Address the Bullying Epidemic!

Bully Showdown: 4 Steps to Dealing With a Bullying Situation!

Concerned About Bullying? How a Fairy Can Help Tackle It!

Is It Rude, Mean or Bullying? 3 Key Terms You Need to Know!

Bucket Filling Fairy: A Must-Have Book to Teach Kids Kindness & How to Prevent Bullying!

Bucket Filling Fairy Teaches Kids Kindness & Helps Prevent Bullying!

Bucket-Filling Families Rock: How to Help Promote Kindness & Prevent Bullying!

An Easy Way to Help Your Kids Ease Back Into the School Routine!

5 Ways Working Moms Can Support Their Child’s Teacher!

Want Those Back-to-School Items Tax Free? Check This Out!

Help Your Child Keep Track of Homework With This Easy Trick!

Should Kids Use a Calculator for Math Homework? Well, It Depends On...

Do Your Kid's School Shoes Fit Right? Before You Shop, Read This!

How to Keep Your Newborn Baby Safe From School Kids' Germs!

Back-to-School Anxiety Is Real: How to Help Your Child!

DIY Storage Solution: Time-Saving Organization for the Home Office, School Lockers, Bathrooms & More!

First Year School Kids May Need Extra Help With Sleep

Do Back-to-School Nerves Turn to Tummy Ache? How to Help!

Back-to-School Organization Begins With Mabel's Labels!

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Back-to-School Success!

Could Your Preschooler Have Dyslexia? 4 Signs to Watch For!

How to Teach Your Kids to Make Healthy School Lunches!

8 Back-to-School Tips for Parents Who Have Kids With Eczema

Get Organized for Back to School: How to Build a DIY Home Command Center!

5 Tips to Help Your Kindergartener Adjust to Big Kid School!

10 Easy Ways to Build Your Kid's Confidence - Daily!

3 Tips to Help Parents Transition From Summer Time to School Time!

It’s Your School Year, Too, Mom & Dad: 6 Ways to Ride the Intuition Bus

Lunch Box Lessons: How I Got My Kids to Pack Their Own School Lunches!

Gifts for College Freshmen: 11 Fun & Practical Gift Ideas for Any College-bound Kid

The First Day of School: 6 Fun & Creative First Day of School Photo Ideas

This School Morning Lunch Box Hack Can Save Your Sanity!

Elisa Schmitz
Amazing collection of back-to-school tips and hacks! Thanks for putting this all together, Donna John! xoxo
Donna John
And it continues to grow! Look for more tips every day, Elisa All 30SecondMom! Can't wait to see tips from contributors like Gail Harris, Heather Bragg, Pamela Allen, Pam McCormick, Holly Budde, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead, Cheryl Leahy, Chef Gigi Gaggero, Doctor Harmony, Nicole DeAvilla, Eirene Heidelberger ... I could go on and on!

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