Help Your Child Keep Track of Homework With This Easy Trick! by Amanda Heyser

5 years ago
Help Your Child Keep Track of Homework With This Easy Trick!

Does your child have challenges with writing down assignments? Here's a tip that can help at the end of class when they need to record their homework. Show them how to clip the pages in their assignment notebook together with a big clip so that when they open their planner, it will be easier and faster to record their assignments on a clean, timely page. They will save time and stress by not having to turn pages until they find the next clean page to write on, and clean pages will not be skipped. 

It's an easy way to keep track of assignments and helps them stay on task with their schedule!

Binder Clips
Binder Clips $10
The bright colored clips make them more noticeable and less boring than standard ones.
Smiling Binder Clips
Smiling Binder Clips $1.45
A fun alternative to small or mini binder clips or jumbo paper clips!
Binder Clips
Binder Clips $6
Black binder clip with silver arms securely fastens stacks of paper; 12 clips per box, two boxes (24 clips total).

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