10 Easy Ways to Build Your Kid's Confidence - Daily! by Holly Budde

10 Easy Ways to Build Your Kid's Confidence - Daily!

It's back-to-school time! The kids are all excited to see friends! But how can we as parents help them keep the excitement and positive attitude all year? Build their confidence! School years are stressful and social anxiety is normal. Try these simple things to help your kids feel good about themselves - every day!

  1. Thank your kids at least once a day.
  2. Praise them.
  3. Make them accountable for their actions – don't make excuses for them. 
  4. Encourage their abilities.
  5. Support them in activities they like to do.
  6. Allow for "down time."
  7. Tell them it's OK to cry – tomorrow is a new day!
  8. If they fail, tell them it's OK to fail sometimes!
  9. Laugh with them.
  10. Compliment something about them every day!

Confident kids are happy kids! Healthy and happy is a great recipe for a successful school year!

Kelli Porcaro
Wow this list is spot on! Thank you for sharing @tweenspot.
Donna John
Love this tip, Holly Budde! Great reminders for all of us!
Elisa Schmitz
You are amazing, Holly Budde! Love this tip, thank you! xoxo
Donna John
This was a photo challenge tip. Holly Budde did the pic proud! :-)
Gail Harris
This is so simple, and so profound @tweenspot. Great, great tip.
Holly Budde
thanks ladies! this picture just beams a confident kid!

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