30Second Mom is a powerful digital community where parents connect, discover and share inspiring tips – each in about 30 seconds – and are rewarded for sharing their time with us.

In 2011, 30Second Mom founder and busy mom of three Elisa All Schmitz found herself constantly reaching for her phone to multi-task and get things done. Whether waiting in the school carpool line, standing in the grocery store check-out or picking up kids from various events, her smartphone became the most important tool in her utility belt. Looking around at her friends, it was clear she was not alone. Her fellow moms also were relying on their mobile phones for information, directions, social networking, shopping, reviews, support, banking, videos, advice and more. Having recently had her first business, iParenting Media, acquired by the Walt Disney Company, Elisa knew the opportunity to provide busy moms with information and inspiration on the go was her next challenge as an entrepreneur. She launched 30Second Mom with the mission to provide mobile moms with quick and helpful tips from experts - 30 seconds at a time - delivered straight to their phones.

Since then, 30Second Mom has grown into a full-scale digital media company with nearly 200 contributors globally, and about 6,000 tips published. Our nuggets of wisdom are unique and original - family traditions, favorite recipes, cherished secrets, health and beauty insights, parenting hacks, product recommendations and more - that help busy moms save time, money and their sanity. You can customize your content stream to receive tips on topics that are important to you. After reading or viewing our content, you can engage by commenting, liking and sharing the tips with your social networks - all while earning “time collected” (reward points), which can be redeemed for prizes and sponsor products.

If you’re interested in a topic that you would like more personalized information on, visit our Community page, where you can start a discussion or join (or start!) a group of your own. And if you want to share your own tips, we invite you to become a 30Second Mom contributor. On 30Second Mom, we realize time is your most precious resource. That’s why when you're here, time is money! The more you engage with us, the more time you collect in your bank, adding up to greater rewards. We look forward to having you join our thriving community!

Elisa, Chrissy and Jan / 30SecondMom
30Second Mom Founder/CEO Elisa All Schmitz (center) with Chrissy Jones, vice president, and Jan Mostrom, marketing manager.