Do Back-to-School Nerves Turn to Tummy Ache? How to Help! by Celeste

7 years ago

Do Back-to-School Nerves Turn to Tummy Ache? How to Help!

As a therapist, I see many parents struggling with their kids' missed school due to mysterious physical complaints. However, I regularly find that kids' nerves cause their symptoms. In fact, WebMD estimates up to 90 percent of doctor visits are due to stress. The next time your child complains of illness before school, try this!

  1. Explain simply, "Sometimes when we're nervous or even excited, our bodies feel it before our mind knows that's what's going on. Let's do a check to see if this might be nerves."
  2. Hold your child or hold hands and guide them in taking three very deep and slow breaths, eyes closed.
  3. Try to create a calm environment to finish getting ready (reduce noise, stop rushing, etc.).

Your child will most likely feel better before it's time to walk out the door!

Kelli Porcaro
What an easy way to help kids begin to understand their feelings and how those feelings impact their thoughts and choices. Thanks for sharing!
Chef Gigi
Love love love step number 3 ! I think that would also help the parents back to school stress. We all just need to stop and take a minute. Love this totally sharing . TY Kelli Schulte
Donna John
I missed the first day of 1st and 2nd grade because I got so nervous I got sick. In 1st grade my mom tried to get me there but I threw up on the sidewalk at the school. So glad I outgrew that! lol Great advice for parents who have kids like I used to be, @CelesteTheCounselor.

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