7-Step Schedule for Getting Kids to School on Time (Every Day!) by Eirene Heidelberger

7-Step Schedule for Getting Kids to School on Time (Every Day!)

Are you tired of being late because kids aren't cooperating and mornings get out of control? Try my schedule! Most important is that kids wake well-rested and cooperate without whining. We decide our "in the car" time then I use this timeline: 

  • 6:30: Kids wake on their own and have 15 minutes of alone time. 
  • 6:45: Kids get dressed. 
  • 7:00: Have breakfast and practice spelling words. 
  • 7:25: Kids clear dishes while I clean the kitchen. 
  • 7:30: Take vitamins, brush teeth, feed fish and pack backpacks. 
  • 7:45: Get shoes/coats on and head to the car. 
  • 7:50: We're rolling on time!

Try it!

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Christine Jones
I love the idea of 15 minutes of alone time! I might have to try that.
We've found that adding a simple mindfulness activity into your morning routine can get your day on the right track. Try encouraging one minute of silence at the breakfast table or taking 5 slow, deep breaths together while putting on shoes.

Of course, your 15 minutes alone time at the start of the day is another great way to help kids get centered!

Michael Kennedy
This is solid! So dialed in. We actually have a tiny white board in our kitchen with AM / PM routines to remind us. My wife and I are production people, we can't help it. LOL.
Eirene Heidelberger
Hollah awesome parents!!!

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