Lunch Box Lessons: How I Got My Kids to Pack Their Own School Lunches! by Amy Fothergill

6 years ago
Lunch Box Lessons: How I Got My Kids to Pack Their Own School Lunches!

When this school year began, I decided I was going to do it differently and give my kids more of the responsibility. I tried it a few times last year and it actually works. My solution? They are going to pack their own lunch. I found they were more likely to eat most of their food when they packed it. Here's how we did it: 

  • I put cut and washed veggies and fruit on the counter. They have to pick at least one of each. 
  • The sandwich materials were taken out of the fridge. They make their own.
  • For hot lunches, they portion it out and I do all of the hot stuff (heat the thermos and food, and pour the food into the thermos). 
  • They were in charge of putting the food in the containers, getting the ice packs and putting the food away. 

I was practically eating bon-bons. Give it a try!

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Chef Gigi Gaggero, Host of KSCU 103.3 FM LIVE Food Talk Radio S.F. Bay Area
BRILLIANT! Thank you Chef for starting to teach life skills at a perfect age --sounds like we will have a few responsible and healthy adults on our hands in a few years! You're AMAZ-BALLZ Amy Fothergill
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Genius, Amy Fothergill! Shows that a little preparation goes a long way!
Meredith Schneider
Love this! My younger 2 out of 4 get excited to help. I need to prep more so mornings are a little less crazy. Only on day 2 back to school so I'm not gonna be too hard on myself. Is it the weekend yet?! LOL!

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