School at Home: 10 Advantages to Homeschooling Your Kids! by Charong Chow

3 years ago
School at Home: 10 Advantages to Homeschooling Your Kids!

With budget cuts, standardized testing and rising private school tuition, more than 1.5 million American parents are educating their kids at home. Here are 10 advantages of homeschooling your child!

  1. You teach your child according to his or her pace, development and interests.
  2. Kids fall in love with learning again. 
  3. You mix work, family and school. 
  4. Save driving time. 
  5. Lose crazy mornings and evenings. 
  6. You'll get more sleep.
  7. Since you're only teaching a few kids, your "schooling" may only be a few hours a day. 
  8. Your child can learn more.
  9. Your relationship with your kids will grow exponentially. 
  10. It's fun!

Do your research, talk to others who are homeschooling their children and then make the best decision for your family!

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