Pregnancy Cravings: 35 Moms Confess What Foods They Craved During Pregnancy by Donna John

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2 years ago

Pregnancy Cravings: 35 Moms Confess What Foods They Craved During Pregnancy

Where's the pickle? When we asked moms to share their pregnancy cravings, we were sure at least one would have craved that iconic pregnancy pickle. Nope! What we discovered is that pregnancy cravings are as unique as the mom who has them. What foods did you crave during pregnancy? Tell us below after you find out what these mamas couldn't live without while pregnant. 

  • “Grits with cheese. Lots of seltzer water! Also, homemade brownies and vanilla ice cream. My husband tried to buy packaged brownies, but that did not do the trick. I researched nearby bakeries and finally got that homemade brownie a la mode, LOL.”
  • “With my first it was canned green peas with lots of butter and black pepper. Weird, I know. Second was Burger King Whoppers. Dear Lord, did I eat a lot of Whoppers. And Lay's potato chips. No flavor, just plain. I don't remember a specific craving with my third, though I did eat a lot of Mexican food. Wait, I do that anyway.”
  • “Root beer floats. Gained 42 pounds.”
  • “My first pregnancy, I craved turkey sandwiches and lemonade. It's the only thing I could keep down in the first trimester, and after that, I just wanted to keep eating that combo. Something about the salty and sweet, maybe? My second pregnancy, I was hospitalized for six weeks with my twins. The hospital food was SO bad. I craved Chicago deep dish pizza in the worst way. So my family brought it in for me one night and we had a pizza party in my hospital room. That was the best!”
  • "Crushed ice."
  • "Peanut butter!"
  • “My husband caught me licking a container of (vegan) ranch, LOL. No shame.”
  • Baby No. 1: Shrimp po' boys and virgin strawberry daiquiris! But only with real strawberries – didn't even return to restaurants that use nasty fake syrup. Baby No. 2: I had morning sickness 24/7 for the first 20 weeks! Lived on green Blue Bell Bullet Popsicles and Honey Nut Cheerios. Then when I could finally eat, Olive Garden minestrone soup was literally an everyday consumption. Baby No. 3: No cravings at all. Weird.”
  • “Nachos and cheese with my first. Literally, the first trimester that was all I could eat besides Saltine crackers – the morning sickness was tough.”
  • “Coffee milk! I couldn’t get enough of it.”
  • "With my first, anything chocolate. Second, celery with Cheez Whiz Third, cucumbers. Oh and French vanilla coffee slushies with my second as well."
  • “Chocolate malt!!!”
  • "My sister craved edamame hummus with her first and ate it all the time and since then has never been able to eat it since!"
  • “Iceberg lettuce.”
  • "Cereal!"
  • “Geez, what didn't I crave?! I could NOT get in enough food – total eating machine! Gained 58 pounds for my first, 60 plus for my second and with him, I actually tried not to eat every time I was hungry!”
  • "Cheese-stuffed jalapenos!"
  • “Jamba Juice and any kind of fruit smoothie!”
  • “Anything sour. I loved eating lemons. Also, banana peppers.”
  • “My first pregnancy eggs and oranges; second, pizza and chicken wings; third, Jolly Ranchers; fourth, steak! LOL! and my kids are all as different as my cravings!”
  • “Nachos with jalapeños, ballpark style, not fancy. But now jalapeños hate me. No mas.”
  • “Orange rolls and chocolate milk.”
  • “No cravings with the first. VERY hot buffalo chicken with the second.”
  • “Milk!! Like by the gallon! I went through a gallon of milk a day. The irony was that my son was born allergic to milk!”
  • “With my son burgers and with my daughter sweets.”
  • Donuts and Portobello mushrooms … Oh, and s’mores. I would make them in the oven/broiler with a giant glass of milk.”
  • “Food from restaurants in a city I didn't live in anymore.”
  • “Neapolitan ice cream topped with grape jelly. Hate both!”

Thanks to the women who contributed to this post: Kandice ColeDonna John, Heather Holter, Melissa HurtElisa All SchmitzKatie Yeckel SloanSamantha Martin, Candy Stephens, Stephanie CannoeMindy HudonGina Pomering, Lori McFarlin Mikosh, Heather Webb Coolbaugh, Dawn Taylor, Tina Borgman Worrell, Cynthia A. Stein, Holly Budde, Joan Plenty, Rhiannon Bowden, Molly Laird, Larissa McGinnis, Christie GoschMorgan Hawthorne, Sandra Renee Eastman, Sheri DoyleJoy Stephenson-Laws, Gigi GaggeroKatherine Fraiser Oros, Meagan McLucas, Trish Baker, Debbie Caldwell, Laura Oliver Kennedy, Dawn Nunweiler Thurmeier, Sarah Griffin and Karen Whittier.

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Kandice Cole
Donna John It is so great to know that us moms are in this thing together when it comes to cravings! Now I am hungry! LOL
Candy Stephens
This is so interesting! I also lost my preference for pepperoni during my first pregnancy. Ate it all my life until then, and I still can't tolerate the smell of it today!
Katie Sloan
The worst part was gestational diabetes so I couldn’t eat any of the yummy desserts at my shower!
Nancy Bain
I craved Jamba Juice as well, along with lots of bananas, eggs any style and an occasional hot dog with mustard. I hardly ever eat hot dogs. I guess I could add chocolate to the list, but I always crave chocolate, so that's nothing unusual. Lol!

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