Pregnancy Food Cravings: How to Turn Empty-Calorie Cravings Into Healthy Ones by Nicole DeAvilla

2 years ago
Pregnancy Food Cravings: How to Turn Empty-Calorie Cravings Into Healthy Ones

Pregnant and have a strange food craving? Often, your food cravings have some basis in nutritional need. When your body communicates to your mind that it is in need of something nutritious, something can be lost in the translation. You might end up craving foods that are not good for you. An occasional indulgence here or there is fine, however, when you keep craving something unhealthy and find yourself filling up on lots of empty calories, it’s time to take a look and see if you can satisfy your body’s need in a healthier fashion.

For example, craving ice cream might actually be your body saying it needs more calcium. Or that thirst-quenching milkshake craving may mean your body isn’t getting enough water. These misdirected cravings can be a cause of unnecessary weight gain. Learn to spot these types of cravings and nip them in the bud by eating nutrient-dense foods and make sure that you stay well hydrated.

Try getting your calcium from more nutrient-dense sources such as unsweetened yogurt or tofu.

  • To delight your taste buds, add fresh fruit to your yogurt or make into raita, a delicious side dish.
  • Jazz up some tofu by grilling it.
  • Add leftover grilled tofu to salads and other dishes.

How do you satisfy your pregnancy cravings in healthy ways?

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Nicole DeAvilla
I found this fascinating too when I first learned it. Thank you.

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