Chef Gigi is recognized nationally as an expert in culinary education. She specializes in children and families to help increase nutritional awareness and help take some of the stress out of being a busy-aware parent. Chef has coached thousands of children and adults through her hands on classes, private events, public speakings, websites, writing, professional culinary demonstrations, television and radio engagements, classes, and private consultations.

Gigi, not only a pioneer in children’s culinary education, she is also the Former Dean and Academic Director who wrote and implemented the famed French Culinary School- Le Cordon Bleu’s– Hospitality Management Program. Simultaneously, founded a professional culinary school for children and teens with her then, six and eight year old daughters. Kids Culinary Adventures was built by children for children. KCA anchored math, science, reading, history, geography and nutrition to academic curriculum; through the medium of cooking! The school served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier professional cooking school for children and teens for over a decade. Chef has coached thousands of children and their families through her hands on classes, demonstrations, writing, speaking engagements, private consultations, books, and social media how to shop, prep, cook and eat better.

Chef is a freelance food writer, learning and development coach. She is the co-author of, “Learning with Little Lulu Lemon” and has appeared in a variety of media outlets including, Radio Disney and Bay Area local television broadcast with Spencer Christian, on NBC’s “View from the Bay” and CBS, “Eye on the Bay”. Chef Gigi regularly contributed to a monthly column, ” The Family Kitchen” for Bay Area Parent Magazine; a subsidiary of Dominion Parenting Media is the nation’s largest publisher of regional parenting magazines. These publications target Moms, expectant Mothers, Dads and families with children in Los Angeles, Boston, San Antonio, New York, San Francisco and Denver area. In 2015 Chef Gigi went on to study at the National Association of Sports Medicine and now assists others in re-entry to movement and clean eating. In 2015 Chef Gigi went on to study at the National Association of Sports Medicine to help understand the impact of movement and nutrition on our bodies.

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