Pantry Packed With SPAM®? Here Are 15 Ways to Use SPAM That You May Not Have Thought Of by Donna John

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4 years ago

Pantry Packed With SPAM®? Here Are 15 Ways to Use SPAM That You May Not Have Thought Of

Is your pantry overloaded with SPAM® after stocking up for the coronavirus pandemic? Not sure what to do with this can of meat? Here are 15 creative ways to use SPAM so you can use up some of that stockpile:

1. SPAM® Fries: Who knew? Cut the SPAM into thick fries. Throw them onto a baking sheet and cook until browned. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.

2. SPAM® Stir-fry: Shake that boring stir-fry up by adding thin or thick sticks of SPAM. Crisp it up first, if you like, then throw it into your vegetables at the end of cooking.

3. Cold SPAM® Sandwich: Replace your regular ham, turkey or pastrami lunch meat with slices of SPAM.

4. SPAM® Bacon Bits (Spamos?): If you love topping your salad with crispy pieces of bacon or Bacos™, finely dice some SPAM and toss it into a frying pan. Cook it until the SPAM gets super crispy. Drain on a paper towel and sprinkle over your salad greens.

5. Breakfast SPAM®: Fry up slices of SPAM and serve in place of your regular bacon or breakfast sausage. This is no yolk, it's good.

6. SPAM® Pasta Salad: Cut up cubes of SPAM and stir into your favorite pasta salad recipe.

7. SPAM® Quesadillas: Take that can of SPAM on a trip to Mexico! Add cubes, slices or chunks of SPAM to your cheesy quesadillas. Ole.

8. SPAM® Quiche: Replace the ham in your quiche recipe with chunks of SPAM. It's egg-cellent.

9. SPAM® Pizza: If Canadian bacon, pepperoni and regular ham can have such fame on a pizza, why not SPAM? Sprinkle cubes or place thin slices on your pizza before baking.

10. Cheesy SPAM® Alfredo: You may forget all about the prosciutto, bacon or ham in your favorite alfredo or carbonara recipe once you replace it with SPAM. Pass the parm, please

11. SPAM® Nicoise Salad: A nicoise salad typically has hard-boiled eggs, olives, salad greens, tomatoes and tuna. While there's probably a lot of tuna in your pantry as well, let SPAM shine this time.

12. SPAM® Musubi: Sushi made with SPAM is a popular food in Hawaii. So try your hand at making sushi rice, order some nori and get to wrapping.

13. SPAM® Balls: Replace the ham in your favorite ham meatballs with ground-up SPAM, or add a little to this spinach balls recipe.

14. The Blue Box With SPAM®: Who didn't grow up eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Elevate the blue box by adding diced SPAM. Gourmet cooking at its finest.

15. SPAM® Burger: SPAM shines here. Cut thick (thick!) slices of SPAM and pan-fry. Place them on a sandwich roll or ham(spam)burger bun, add any condiments you like, then sink ... your ... teeth ... in.

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Elisa Schmitz
Hey, Donna John , you make SPAM look like a gourmet treat! Any of these would make a mighty fine meal, LOL. Thank you for your creative ideas!
Martha Timberlake
Great ideas with SPAM, a couple I've tried and some I might try. Grilled cheese sandwich with spam slices is also very good!!
Donna John
SPAM grilled cheese sounds good! My dad used to eat fried SPAM with pork and beans. Sometimes he'd make a SPAM and pork and bean sandwich. :-)
Donna John
If you have some recipes to share with us, please submit them! (And they don't have to be SPAM related! lol) Martha Timberlake
Dieter Schmitz
Donna John As a Minnesota family, we ate lots of Spam. Hormel is headquartered just a few miles away from where I grew up.

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