Chronic Back Pain Remedies: Why Pilates Reformer Exercises May Work Like Magic for Lower Back Pain by Sandy Greiner, NCPT

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5 years ago

Chronic Back Pain Remedies: Why Pilates Reformer Exercises May Work Like Magic for Lower Back Pain

You bend down to pick a sock up off the floor and BAM! Your back goes out. Ninety percent of adults struggle with serious back pain at some point in their lives. It can happen from a common everyday activity like picking something up off the floor or it can start with a stiff weekend warrior's paddle tennis match. Either way, it's not always caused by the movement that seemed to precipitate the painful event.

Of course, you should see your doctor if you have severe acute or chronic back pain. However, for mild to moderate pain, or to prevent pain from happening in the first place, Pilates had been shown to help.

Dr. Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates, found that healthy people with stiff mid-back – think all of us slouchers – improved spinal mobility after just one Pilates reformer session. Pilates prepares the body for sports, yoga, dance and fitness by waking up segmental movement of the local stabilizing muscles so that our global stabilizing muscles don't take over and create unhealthy compensations and restrictions leading to back pain.

A certified Pilates teacher's eyes on your movement patterns may help reduce or prevent back pain. Try it! 

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Donna John
Ninety percent??? That's a huge number! I know I already get lower back pain when I sit too long ... or stand too long. Dang, I'm doomed. :-) Might try Pilates. Thanks for the tip, Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT !
Sandy Greiner, NCPT
When I have to sit for long stretches of time, I now use a lumbar support pillow. They really help support the back and keep me in alignment. I got one on Amazon.
Elisa Schmitz
This is amazing! I have done mat Pilates but not on the reformer. I may need to try this. Thank you, Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT !
I had a therapy reformer built to medical Standards for my Home. I Love it.. I have had 2 back fusions and I wouldn't be as mobile as I am today if not for my Reformer! 😁
Dawn Taylor
Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT with clients and my fitness classes, I always put emphasis on core strength and posture. I have had 3 back surgeries and strengthening my core helped me regain my posture and overall health. :)
Gertrude Roy
I recently undergo back surgery due to which I cannot sit too long and also faced back pain some times in a day. So please suggest me best chair after spine surgery. And tell these exercises are good for back surgery patients.

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