Dormant Butt Syndrome: Here's How Pilates Exercises Can Help Your Back, Hip & Knees! by Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT

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2 years ago
Dormant Butt Syndrome: Here's How Pilates Exercises Can Help Your Back, Hip & Knees!

As if we don't already obsess about our backside, here's another reason to be concerned: The functional fitness of your buttocks can be the cause of pain in your back, hip or knee. Experts define dormant butt syndrome as weak buttocks and tight hip flexors. From long periods of sitting or an imbalance in the hip complex, weak buttocks can overload surrounding joints and fail to absorb shock, according to Chris Kolba, a physical therapist, and experts at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

Thankfully, Pilates exercises address balanced muscle flexibility and strength in the hip complex and train the specific muscles that cause this syndrome. Pilates instructors are trained to strengthen and stretch opposing muscle groups to create balance in the body for optimum movement performance and injury prevention.

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