Kegels Not Cutting It? For Better Sex It May Be Time to Try Pilates! by Sandy Greiner, NCPT

6 years ago

Kegels Not Cutting It? For Better Sex It May Be Time to Try Pilates!

Ever wonder why Pilates people are so annoyingly happy all the time? Your girlfriends may not have told you, but Pilates makes sex better in two ways. First, as you know, feeling sexy in your body is key. Pilates will increase your flexibility and tone making you feel sexier. But, what your Pilates-practicing friends may not have shared with you is that Pilates makes your pelvic floor both stronger and more relaxed, which creates more pleasure and sensation in and around the vagina.

Kegels are great. However, Kegels work the pelvic floor in isolation. To get the best pelvic floor contraction, it needs to be exercised IN MOVEMENT. Pilates gives you amazing control to activate and relax the pelvic floor muscles during movement. Pilates works the pelvic floor along with their muscular assistants, the inner thighs and low abdominals. These muscles synergistically assist in pelvic-floor activation. Many of us find this to be a benefit of our practice that we don't always share with our girlfriends. So the glow you get from Pilates may make you smile all week.

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Leila Ward
This is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing. 😜
Good articles, we as an erotic shop are very aware of the kegel exercises. In our blog you can find exercises with Chinese balls to improve the pelvic floor

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