Is That Avocado Ready to Be Cut? Here's How to Tell! by Laura Fuentes

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4 years ago
Is That Avocado Ready to Be Cut? Here's How to Tell!

I love avocados. They are healthy, tasty and versatile in a variety of dishes. I can eat them in sandwiches, over chicken tortilla soup and of course, in guacamole. The challenge with them is my lack of patience! I'm so eager to eat them that I tend to cut into avocados when they are not ready. The result is a hard and stringy avocado that just doesn't taste that great.

So when to cut into them? You will know an avocado is ready when the stem nub flicks easily off with a finger. When that happens, cut and enjoy!

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Donna John
I'm bad and do that in the store, Laura Fuentes . Stores are so bad about either having ones that are hard as a rock or so mushy they need to be thrown away. If it's questionable, I flick off the stem right there. If it's brown underneath, put it back. If it's still green, they're good to go.
Kim Kusiciel
I do this at the store, too! I usually press the stem back in if it's not ready, then the next person can check! Thanks Laura Fuentes !
Renee Herren
What a great tip! I must admit, sometimes I am also impatient when it comes to waiting for avocados ripen before cutting into them! I'm going to definitely remember this from now on. ;)

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