Fitness Struggles: Why the Hardest Part of Getting Fit Has Nothing to Do With Exercise by Dawn Taylor

2 years ago
Fitness Struggles: Why the Hardest Part of Getting Fit Has Nothing to Do With Exercise

I work out for a living, so I have to show up. But I am here to tell you there are days when I am exhausted, and the thought of exercising and motivating others is overwhelming. I just got through three weeks of a six-week session, and every day I showed up because I know that once at work, I will start to feel more motivated.

My advice to others struggling to find motivation is: half the battle is just showing up. Just go. Even if you think it will be the worst workout ever – and it might be. But 99 percent of the time, you will notice that once you get moving, it gets easier. Seriously!

Photo: Picture of me "showing up" after a brutal workout. 

That runner's high you hear about? Most of us feel it only after a couple of miles because that is when endorphins are released (OK, much debate over this, but something good happens)! Every time I run, my body at first feels like I have heavy rocks in my shoes. Ugh. But once I really get warmed up, it begins to be enjoyable. Same is true during workouts – whether it is walkingtreadmillsstrength trainingswimming – your body feels better once you get going.

During my classes, I always feel better and more energetic about halfway through the hour-long workouts and I say to my groups, "This is when I start to feel the energy! Do you feel it, too?" And they usually laugh and groan, but I see it in how hard they are working.

The point is, just show up. Your body will thank you, you will sleep better, make healthier food choices and the ripple effect happens. You will be living your best life. Just show up.

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Donna John
So true!!! It's my problem. And you're right, once I get going I'm good. Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor
Almost every day I have to push myself and I never regret it!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes, once you get moving, it does make it easier. So many times I haven't wanted to go to my weekly workout class, but I made myself go. And it was hard to get through it. But afterward, I was always happy I went. Thank you for this great inspiration, Dawn Taylor . So good to know even personal trainers struggle with this!
Dawn Taylor
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds thank you!!
Yes ,I do struggle at times but once I’m moving I’m okay! I have some great students who rely on me and just knowing how much they enjoy it helps. They motivate me, too. 🙂
Susan Masterson, PhD
Amen to that! I've been writing about task initiation goals, for this exact reason!

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