Middle-aged mom, licensed psychologist living with Sjogren's Disease. Author of "You Mean it isn't in my Head? What Sjogren's Syndrome is and What you can Do About it".

Founder of "The Sjogren's Spot". My books, courses, and workshops are for people living with autoimmune diseases who want to add a healthy living component for symptom management to their treatment plans.

I completely understand the difficult journey of getting a diagnosis, learning about my disease, and re-envisioning life in a body that I never planned on having.

Since my diagnosis I've been getting to know others with the disease, doing loads of research, and writing about it. I do it so other patients can get the information they need when they're diagnosed - rather than getting it through drips and drabs from their doctors or online.

I also want to help people live better with their disease by offering education and support in managing stress, eating well, and incorporating physical movement to complement the treatment plan offered by their doctors.

My book "You Mean it isn't in my Head?: What Sjogren's Syndrome is and what you can do about it" does just that. Check it out on Amazon!

When a diagnosis isn't going away, it's time to find new opportunities to reshape and expand the boundaries of what we thought we were capable of. I truly believe we can all benefit from tapping into the healing potential available in our bodies.

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