Benefits of Laughter: Why We Need to Learn How to Laugh More From Our Kids by Roma Khetarpal

a year ago
Benefits of Laughter: Why We Need to Learn How to Laugh More From Our Kids

Needless to say, we all learn from our kids almost as much (if not more!) as we teach them. One of the most important things that we can learn from our kids is the frequency of laughter. Did you know:

  • Kids laugh approximately 300 times per day!
  • The average 40-year-old adult laughs only about three to four times per day!

Think about it – kids learn to laugh before they learn to talk. Perhaps this is why kids are generally happier than adults.

Robert Provine, laughter researcher and author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, calls our attention to notice how loud laughter activates many parts of our body: 

  • our facial expressions
  • sounds
  • arms
  • legs
  • our body's trunk

Laughter even changes our breathing pattern and our moods. Research at Mayo Clinic also proves that laughter is truly the best medicine:

  • a mood lifter
  • stress buster
  • immune booster
  • pain reliever
  • happiness inducer

Need I say more? Mimic your kids and laugh, giggle, chuckle, tickle and usher not just happiness, but JOY into your lives!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
You are spot on, Roma Khetarpal ! We need to keep our inner joy flowing, and laughter is key to that! Tools Of Growth
Donna John
Great read, Roma Khetarpal . Laughter really is the best medicine.

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