The Wonder of Fall: All the Reasons I Love Fall & Why It's My Favorite Season by Stephanie Cannoe

6 months ago

The Wonder of Fall: All the Reasons I Love Fall & Why It's My Favorite Season

When I was in elementary school, I was teased because of the color of my hair. I am redhead. I was in third grade and I remember running to my mom as soon as I got off the school bus and bursting into tears. No one likes to be called a carrot top! Luckily, as kind and genuinely compassionate as my mom was, the balance came from my dad’s equally strong will and protective nature. Once my dad heard the news, he quickly pointed out that carrot tops are green – not red!

The next day, I told that boy at school the real truth about carrot tops! I will never forget the vibrant brightly colored red leaf that my dad picked out for me; he told me that it matched my hair color perfectly. In that moment, I saw the most beautiful shade of red, which I’ve never noticed before and I saw my own beauty in such a light, as only my dad could see.

I’ve held onto my mom’s warm embrace and the image of that leaf and my dad’s love – it is with me always, as I relate to the fall season and the changing colors of the leaves, which is why fall is my favorite season. I reflect on this now, as I prepare for fall – and the excitement is starting to build as I soak up all the memories that are part of me and the warm cozy feelings the fall season inspires!

  • The colors of fall, the unending bright reds, the shades of orange and yellow, the beauty is life affirming.
  • Last, but not least, the view on the summit of an Adirondack High Peak – there is nothing like it when the leaves are at full peak, the colors are truly magnificent!

Fall is a time to receive and allow in everything that is nurturing to your soul. I like to think that when a leaf is ready, once they are full of love and radiance, awe and wonder, in their splendor, they willfully determine it is simply time to let go.

What do you love about fall?

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Donna John
I love fall, too, and I absolutely love this post. Beautifully written, Stephanie Cannoe .
Meredith Schneider
Me too Stephanie Cannoe! I LOVE fall. That's my favorite time of year to bake. Mmmmm! Even better my Birthday is in October. Who doesn't love a fall birthday?! :-)
Stephanie Cannoe
Mine is in September! Totally agree!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
#ilovefallmostofall too, Stephanie Cannoe ! I’m even working on a piece similar to this one! Great minds! :) Love this!
Stephanie Cannoe
#fallisthebestseasonever ♥️...can't wait to read your tip!
Elisa Schmitz
Fall is definitely the best season! I'm a fall birthday girl, too. But it's more than that. It's the crisp air, it's the comfort foods, it's the cinnamon smells, it's the start of gratitude season, for some reason. I love this post, Stephanie Cannoe ! #allthefeels
Stephanie Cannoe
♥️ Yes, heart-centered kindred spirits.
Frank Cannoe
love your story ,honey, your dad's little girl !!!
Jessica Acree
Oh my gosh, how sweet! 👆🏼
Jessica Acree
Fellow fall enthusiast over here! My wedding anniversary is in early October, so that adds a layer of love for the season to me :) It’s such a beautiful time to appreciate change, slow down after a wild summer, & be mindful before the holiday craziness and winter yucks arrive 🍂🍁 Who doesn’t love being thoughtfully cozy?! 😍
Stephanie Cannoe
Exactly! Enjoy🍂🍁
Elisa Schmitz
I just "fell" in love with this post all over again, Stephanie Cannoe . Thank you for the celebration of fall, my favorite season!
Dawn Taylor
Beautiful post, and I also LOVE fall. So much so that all of my 4 children were conceived in October. There has to be a connection to how much I love fall. :)
Julio Caro
Thanks for Sharing....

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