Sacral Chakra: 7 Creative Ways to Stimulate the Second Chakra for Health & Healing by Lisa Faremouth Weber

3 years ago
Sacral Chakra: 7 Creative Ways to Stimulate the Second Chakra for Health & Healing

Pleasure and passion are the secrets to happiness and health! We hold lots of energy in our hips, and if this energy becomes stagnant we may need hip replacements, experience back pain or simply feel lonely, have low self-esteem and depression. By moving the hips we create a wake-up call to our energy center there known as the sacral chakra. 

To stimulate and refresh the second chakra, or energy center located in between your hips, try the following: 

  • dance
  • do hip circles
  • go swimming
  • take an Epsom salt bath with orange essential oils
  • make an orange smoothie
  • wear orange underwear
  • buy yourself orange flowers

Here's your mantra for the second chakra

Yum, this life feels good. I feel passion and pleasure in my life. I enjoy my life.

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