Motherhood Depression: Here's What You Need to Know by Dr. Christina Hibbert

Women's Health
8 months ago

Many moms think depression is a "normal" part of motherhood. I'm here to tell you that it's not. Depression is the leading disease in the world now, and affects women twice as often as men. And, Motherhood Depression is the number one predictor of future behavioral and cognitive problems in a child. 

While it may be "normal" to feel overwhelmed or sad and have changes in sleeping or eating, if these symptoms worsen or persist you may be experiencing depression, which can affect your family, too. Contact your medical or mental health provider for help today. You deserve to be depression free!

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Kim Kusiciel
I know this impacts many moms. It is wonderful that you are educating us while removing the stigma of motherhood depression. Thanks for your caring and gentle way of describing this to us Dr. Christina Hibbert .
Dr. Christina Hibbert
Thank you so much, Kim. And you are very welcome! It's such an important issue we absolutely MUST talk about!

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