Chakra Healing: Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health by Lisa Faremouth Weber

5 years ago

Chakra Healing: Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health

Did you know that your base chakra vibrates the color red and is located at the base of your spine? But what is a chakra? Chakras are energy centers or vortexes where energy from the atmosphere enters you, and they very important to your energy anatomy. Your main seven chakras govern your life and run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. They vibrate the colors of the rainbow. 

Essentially you have a rainbow body inside your physical body. When the energy is clogged, stagnant or polluted, you may feel tired, weak, cranky, etc. This may cause you to get headaches, gain weight, get angry easier, feel resentment, etc. 

Energy healing for chakra health involves keeping the energy center open, clear and vibrant. For instance, if your root chakra is clogged you might have a messy home, debt, feel overwhelmed, scattered and ungrounded.  It is fun and simple to keep your chakras working smoothly. Here are some creative ways to heal your chakras:

  • walk
  • spend time outdoors
  • hug trees
  • eat healthy
  • make a red smoothie
  • start a savings account
  • start saving your change

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Sheri B Doyle
I love your ideas for clearing your chakras. I meditate too which is really helpful for me. What is a red smoothie?
Elisa Schmitz
I love this! My fave ways to clear my chakras are to walk, do gentle yoga and meditate. Thank you for informing and inspiring us, Lisa Faremouth Weber !
This blog really helped me understand the concept of Chakra Healing. If you want to check out similar content, you can visit my blog about Chakra Healing

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