Couch to 5K Plan: How to Kick Up Your Workouts & Meet Your Neighbors! by Allison Raeh

10 months ago
Couch to 5K Plan: How to Kick Up Your Workouts & Meet Your Neighbors!

Have you always wanted to run a 5K but can’t stay motivated with an impersonal app? Want to build a stronger neighborhood network? Give your friends the gift of health and start a neighborhood "Couch to 5K!" Here’s how in just six steps:

  • Pick a goal race and count back 12 weeks from that.
  • Commit to three “runs” per week.
  • Start with a 5-minute warmup and then alternate 2 minutes of jogging with a 1-minute walk for another 30 minutes. Cool down with a 5-minute walk.
  • Every week add 50 percent more jog time until you get to 1-minute blocks. 
  • Then try two blocks together for a 20-minute block. 
  • Add 2 minutes every week until you are at 30 minutes of jogging. You are ready for a 5K!

Lots of people quit running because they go too fast – literally! Taking it slow decreases your risk of injury and increases the probability that you will enjoy what you are doing. Grab a few friends and hit the road!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I’ve always wanted to do a 5K. Thanks for the motivation, Allison Raeh ! 💪

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