Weight Loss By the Numbers: Why Exercise Alone Won't Cut It With Your Weight Loss Goals by Allison Raeh

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a year ago
Weight Loss By the Numbers: Why Exercise Alone Won't Cut It With Your Weight Loss Goals

I’ve got great news – weight loss is simply a matter of math. And not common core math; I’m talking good old-fashioned division. But, I also have some additional news: exercise alone won’t give you what you need for the pounds to drop.

Here are the cold, hard facts: One pound of body weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories (energy) from food. If you eat 3,500 calories more than you use, you gain weight. To lose 1 pound, you have to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. To do that in a week, that means a daily deficit of 500 calories. Running for 30 minutes at a 10 minute per mile pace burns about 300 calories. Lifting weights for 30 minutes burns another 100 calories. Exercise alone won’t cut the calories to significantly impact weight loss.

  • To lose weight and keep it off, first you need to know where you are at. Track your food intake via MyFitnessPal or a good old-fashioned journal.
  • Learn proper portion sizes to keep intake in check.
  • Finally, make wise substitutions; lower fat, lower sodium whole foods are best.

And don’t drop the treadmill! Your health will thank you!

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Donna John
Such important info to know when you're trying to lose weight. My husband and I lost weight not so long ago (me 14 pounds, him over 40), and MyFitnessPal was a huge part of why. It helps by holding you accountable and showing you exactly where you are throughout the day in terms of calorie intake. It's really a great tool for weight loss. Allison Raeh
Allison Raeh
Thanks Donna! Sometimes just knowing where you are can be the catalyst to make some healthy changes.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Excellent info, Allison Raeh . It seems so simple when you break it down like this, simple math. Thank you for the ideas! So glad to have your voice in our tribe! 💪
Anne Marie Tarjan Robbins
And sugar. Cut the sugar. It will make a huge difference. If you manage your meals and snacks well during the day, you shouldn't wake up starving.

Something else that is hard to figure out, is some foods are inflammatory to one person and not another. For example, my friend can't eat tomatoes because she feels bloated. I can.

Such a process.
Exercises alone cannot help in weight loss. Regular workout and a healthy diet go hand in hand. The élastique sportif available at www.cellublue.com/fr/product/k... also helps in losing body fat. A person can also take the detox tea to shed fat.

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