Resolving to Lose Weight Might Make You Lose Your Mind (Do This Instead) by Janine Hamilton

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4 months ago

Resolving to Lose Weight Might Make You Lose Your Mind (Do This Instead)

"I want to lose 15 pounds."
"I must cut out ALL sugar, alcohol, bread and dairy."
"I'll exercise an hour a day this year!”

How many times have you said statements like these shortly before or just after the ball dropped to ring in a new year – or any time of the year? Personally, I've made such declarations (often a large list’s worth) every year since reaching puberty. Never feeling thin enough or fit enough seems to be a theme for many of us – all across media, we see constant ads, articles and pictures pushing us to work out harder, try a fad diet or buy a product.

This year, I realized one reason we keep seeing that message (lose weight!) over and over: these diets and plans will not magically slide pounds off your body. Alone, they don't work! What does work? Loving yourself. Eating like you care about your body. Exercising by moving in ways you enjoy that make you feel empowered.

In 2024, resolve to treat yourself the way you treat those you love the most. Nurture your body and mind. Weight will likely adjust to a healthy point eventually, but I guarantee if you love yourself first, you'll hardly care. When the ball drops, drop your negative self-talk, too.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh how I love this, Janine Hamilton ! Thank you.
Elisa Schmitz
“When the ball drops, drop your negative self-talk, too.” This is so awesome, Janine Hamilton , thank you. Great inspiration for the New Year!! 🎉
Meredith Schneider
Love this Janine Hamilton ! So agree! I always tell my friends & clients the more you focus on loving yourself and treating your body, mind & spirit the way it deserves to be treated the weight loss is a bonus. xoxo Happy New Year!

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