Aqua Yoga: 3 Healthy Benefits of Taking a Water Yoga Class by camellanair

3 years ago
Aqua Yoga: 3 Healthy Benefits of Taking a Water Yoga Class

Granny in a bathing cap jumping up and down? This may be the image the mind congers up when it thinks about exercising in the water. A lot has changed over the years in many arenas. Aquatics and yoga are no exceptions. We are living longer and, if we have sustained a lifetime of yoga practice, rather than give it up, why not take it into the water?

  • We get more bang for our effort, burning twice the amount of calories than on land.
  • Reduce edema just by being in the water.
  • Work all muscle groups in pairs rather than individually.

This means that we can enjoy the rest of our lives doing whatever else brings us joy. Check out pools near you for group exercise classes and Aqua Yoga Therapy in warmer pools. None listed? No problem. Find local aqua yoga teachers and regional training events.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is amazing, camellanair! I want to try this! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. We look forward to sharing more of your insights!!
Loving the community.
Donna John
I took water aerobics years ago. Loved it! I've never heard of water yoga, but I think it's something I would love. Going to look into it. Thank you for sharing this with the tribe, camellanair! Look forward to more tips from you!
Thank you Donna. It is pretty amazing. I actually think we move more Prana in the water.
Nicole DeAvilla
Hi camellanair ! Great to see you here. I hope to see more of your tips. Welcome!
Thanks Nicole. Hope all is well with you.

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