Wok Me Amadeus! Why Cook When You Can Wok? by Rick St. Peter

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11 months ago
Wok Me Amadeus! Why Cook When You Can Wok?

This may come as a surprise to no one but me, but holy cow, woks are great! I first got my wok as a Christmas present several years ago and then stared at it in intimidation until it ended up buried under some pots. I've finally started using it and it has been a revelation.

  • Meat or vegetables cook so fast.
  • The types of seasonings you can use on your veggies or marinades on your meats seems endless.

I have quickly become a convert to the magic of the wok. It is especially great now that my daughter is home from college. She is a vegetarian and when I am using the wok to cook dinner, I can easily stir fry some vegetables for her and still do a meat for my son and me. (Don't tell anyone, dear reader, but I actually fixed some stir fry veggies for dinner the other day and for the first time in my 47 years on this planet I straight up grazed for dinner. Only vegetables, no meats! What?!?!)

Anyway, I may be telling you something you already know and this may make me the 30Seconds version of Captain Obvious, but if you've never used a wok give it a try. It's amazing! Dare I say, life changing!

If a wok isn't new to you, share some of your favorite stir-fry recipes below! 

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Donna John
Woks are amazing! Love mine. Here's a couple recipes you can make in a wok that you could try: food: How to Make Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken in Under 20 Minutes! food: This Easy Cashew Chicken Recipe Is Table Ready in About 20 Minutes! Hopefully we'll get some submitted soon (hint, hint, tribe).
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I love this, Rick St. Peter ! I haven't used mine in a while. You've reminded me that I need to!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! I love our wok but don't use it nearly enough. I usually do peanut chicken and vegetables. So good! Thank you for the reminder of how much I love it, Rick St. Peter !
Keith Sereduck
Awesome tip, Captain! I salute you. I'll have to look through my recipes but a lot of the time I just wing it and throw things in. There's literally no way to "wok" wrong.

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