Indoor Smokeless Grills: Why Should You Invest in One? Here's Why! by Margaret Steck

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6 years ago

Indoor Smokeless Grills: Why Should You Invest in One? Here's Why!

My family and I love the taste of grilled foods. Come October, we would lament in the annual disassembly of our outdoor grill for the winter, waiting patiently for the steady rains to disappear in the spring to get our grilling fix. I've tried indoor grilling using fancy, expensive pans, but our 100-plus-year-old home has inadequate ventilation and the grease and smoke would permeate throughout. I read about smokeless indoor grills and discovered that investing in one not only allows us to enjoy our favorite grilled foods, but there is less smoke and grease splatter and the food tastes amazing. 

What is a smokeless indoor grill and how does it work? A smokeless indoor grill is a table top, electric grill that is safe and easy to use. The smokeless indoor grill I own is made by Philips, which uses infrared technology and reflective coating to achieve even cooking while minimizing smoke. So, while the infrared can be a little daunting at first (I'm surprised mine didn't come with retina protection), the food is delicious and the cleanup is a cinch (according to my 15 year-old!). 

If you love grilled foods, be sure to check out indoor smokeless grills. You'll be so glad you did!

Photo: Williams Sonoma

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Donna John
This is one appliance I don't have. Now I'm intrigued, Margaret Steck . Going to look into one. We can usually grill outside all year long where I am (Texas), but it has been too cold lately to even consider it.
Margaret Steck
I made grilled chicken breasts with it the other night and my husband said it was the best he'd ever tasted! And he was a skeptic at first! I've converted him! Lol!
Mike Prochaska
We grill outside when it 5 degrees
Elisa Schmitz
Given the Arctic tundra we are living in, I just love this suggestion. Thanks for the tasty and convenient idea, Margaret Steck ! 😋
Mike Prochaska
Come on it never too cold to grill! Maybe it a man thing. I always will grill outside

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