Hand Blenders: Here's Why an Immersion Blender Will Rock Your World! by Samantha Martin

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6 years ago

Hand Blenders: Here's Why an Immersion Blender Will Rock Your World!

I have a food processor, a blender and a mixer. All very useful but take up a lot of space and kind of a pain to clean. I found myself questioning things I wanted to make simply because I would have to lug out the big equipment. Some people probably don't mind. I, however, like quick and easy food.

So I made a purchase, and it is my new favorite thing. An immersion blender is like a blender on a stick. It is handheld and can be immersed (hence the name) into basically anything. The most common use is to blend up veggies to make a creamy soup, which is the first thing I tried and this tool did not disappoint.

The immersion blender I purchased also came with a whisk attachment, a tall cup and a mini food processor attachment. So the next thing I made was a smoothie in the cup. Next, I made vegan cashew cheese in the food processor attachment. I have been whipping this tool out every day and it has allowed me to eat less processed food and brought some fun and creativity back into my kitchen!

If you like quick and easy food but do have an inner chef inside, I highly recommend adding an immersion blender to your kitchen.

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Donna John
I love my immersion blender, Samantha Martin . One of my favorite things to make with it is my cream of poblano soup (recipe is above). Mine came with a whisk attachment, which I use to make whipped cream. Definitely worth the investment, which is minimal.
Samantha Martin
It is truly awesome!!
Elisa Schmitz
I want one! Thanks for letting me know about this!
Marianne Clyde
I am SOOOO into easy and quick!

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