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5 years ago

30Seconds T-shirt Design Contest Entries: It's Time to Tell Us Your Thoughts!

We asked our tribe members to help us design a new concept for a 30Seconds T-shirt – and boy, did they deliver! Below are the entries, and now we need your help. Take a look at all the awesome ideas and share your thoughts in the comments section below. A few do not have photos, so please read their ideas and envision what they had in mind. The design chosen will win $300 in cash! If we pick a runner-up, which may or may not happen, that person will receive $200 in cash! Let us know which one you would most want to wear by sharing your favorite entry in the comments below. And … go!

ENTRY #1 (Heather Holter)

The quote should say: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." It should be in Courgette font on the front. The * indicates where the logo should go (see image). I like the black shirt with red writing best, but it would be cool if it was also available in a red shirt with black writing. I think the unisex/men's should be the same as the women's. Definitely keep the same shirt brand! They fit so well!

ENTRY #2 (Tiffany Zook)

A cool font and options for colors would make this T-shirt unisex. Adding an "E" to the word contribute creates the word “tribe.” 

ENTRY #3 (Dawn Taylor)

This is my entry for the women’s T-shirt. Please note I’m not an artist (lol), but wanted to illustrate my ‘"vision."

Front of T-shirt: Thrive with our Tribe

Note: This is a catchy phrase that invites people to be a part of the 30Seconds community. "Thrive" and "Tribe" should both be capitalized and larger than "with our" in a fancy font (I like Corsiva).

The three flowers on three long stems represent the community, and the watering can with the logo "30Seconds to a better life" and water droplets coming out represent how the site contributes to the thriving of its members.

The water droplets should be a little bigger to put the focus on the contributions of the 30Seconds community. Basically, come to grow!

Back of T-shirt:




Note: I think the back should be this information alone so it stands out and people know where to find the website. Large, crisp, clean lettering.

I think the shirt should be offered in two color options; black on white and white on black. Simple. Eye catching. Adding color to any of the shirts I feel takes away from the "look." By keeping it clean and crisp I think it will pack a punch and really stand out. I prefer crew neck, because v-necks can get stretched out and don’t look the same on women of different sizes. Crew is classic and looks good on everyone (in my humble opinion).

ENTRY #4 (Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead)

Below please find the rough sketch (I'm clearly not an artist!) of my T-shirt design. I wanted to focus on what I see as the ways in which we "make life better in #30Seconds." I believe we do this with the quality of our content; our diverse, knowledgeable and supportive community of writers; and the connection that our tribe is able to make with fellow members – all over the world – thanks to the power of our digital community. 

ENTRY #5 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #6 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #7 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #8 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #9 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #10 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #11 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #12 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #13 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #14 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #15 (Tiffany Zook)

ENTRY #16 (Donna John)

ENTRY #17 (Donna John)

ENTRY #18 (Donna John)

ENTRY #19 (Donna John)

ENTRY #20 (Jessica Acree)

Help Jessica with one more word for her design!

30Seconds Contributor T-Shirt Concept Contest Text-Only Entries

ENTRY #21 (Mindy Hudon)

As one of the founding 30Seconds contributors, I have seen growth, change and excitement from the tribe. I sat down and brainstormed some T-shirt concepts for both the men and unisex of the tribe. Here are a few of my ideas:


I like polos with a small visible logo over the heart on the left with a tagline below for men (or even in women’s styles) that I know my husband would wear and help promote the tribe. Original 30Seconds logo with one of the following taglines below the logo:

Come for the Content, Stay for the Tribe (I know that I came to 30Seconds because of Elisa, but our tip content is the best around. But if it weren’t for the tribe, I wouldn’t have stayed around. It’s our tip content that brings people to us, once they are there, they want to be part of the tribe.)

Every Second Counts: Elisa’s original concept was the ability for readers to get great content in 30Seconds or less -- every second counts when you are on part of the tribe.

It’s Worth Every Second: Same idea as above.


You’re 30Seconds Away From WOW!: The idea is that our contributors provide awe-inspiring content ... in 30Seconds or less. This can be a stand alone T-shirt. It also could read, “You’re 30Seconds Away From Awe-Inspiring!” Or “Awe-Inspiring in 30seconds!”

30Seconds is all you need to be inspired.

There’s always time for the tribe!

30Seconds will change your life: This is kind of a double meaning. 30Seconds has changed my life is so many amazing ways. Not only being able to read and experience the most insightful content (I always learn so much from the tribe), but my own personal life has changed being part of this tribe!!

ENTRY #22 (Terri Jones)

I am not a designer, so this is the best I can do. All slogans on the left breast in a small font. 30Seconds logo on right breast:

It only takes 30 seconds to make a big impact.

A whole lot can happen in half a minute!

Sharing inspiration … 30 seconds at a time.

Half a minute is time to begin it.

Half a minute is time to get in it.

Because EVERYONE has 30 seconds.


Food for thought in 30 seconds (30Seconds logo that looks like a pizza).

It only takes 30 seconds to stop and smell the roses (30Seconds logo turned into a flower).

30 sec 4 U (30Seconds logo on right breast).

ENTRY #23 (Shannon Benish)

The following are the different design sayings I would like to enter into the contest:

Elevated by my Tribe (logo looks like an animated mountain-top with snow).

Dare to Inspire (animated light bulb logo).

Be Free To Be (tranquility scene, similar to picture below).

Enriched by Community (logo holding hands).

Feel Free to Be (tranquility scene, similar to picture below).

My Tribe Elevates Me (animated mountain top with snow logo).

The 30Seconds Tribe Vibe: Let's Celebrate the Village Helping Us Raise These Beautiful Kids

30Seconds Promoted Tips: How to Easily & Economically Share Your Brand Messages!

Finding Your Community: Here's Why It Rocks to Be a Part of the 30Seconds Tribe!

The Tribe Effect: What It Means to Be a 30Seconds Contributor!

Kurt Gardinier
Entry #4 (Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead)
Katie Sloan
I like # 4 the best. Lots of great options!!
Carrie Watts
I like “Come for the Content; Stay for the Tribe” because that describes my experience so far. I read a couple of Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead’s pieces, then answered her request for writing, and thought that would be the end of it. But the kindness and support I’ve received have been really unbelievable - and unusual, in my life experience. That’s made me want to get more deeply involved and engaged.
Tiffany Zook
Mike, my hubby came up with that one. 30seconds dads rock!
Elisa Schmitz
This is so hard for me. I had tears in my eyes reading all of these. Our tribe really "gets" what we're trying to do, and that means the world to me. They are all amazing in their own way. Many thanks to all who submitted their designs, I so appreciate you! xoxo Heather Holter Tiffany Zook Dawn Taylor Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Donna John Jessica Acree Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP Terri Moore Shannon Benish
Have to vote for 4. What 30 Seconds is all about!
Marge Jesberger
I like Tiffanyzook number 14 and 11. Full disclosure I am Tiffany's mother
Tiffany Zook
Thanks for being my #1 fan mom, your vote should count double. Sending love border to border.
Mike Prochaska
Shhh keep that on the down low
8 and 9 - both designs I’d wear :)
Rachael Daniels CPNP-PC, CLC
#4 AnnMarie Gardinier Galstead!
I'm going to have to go with 15. Love you Tiff and love your heart!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
So many great ideas...I should have submitted a picture...sorry.
Elisa Schmitz
You still can, Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP - just email it to Donna John and me! Love your ideas!
Heather Murphy-Fritz
Love these ideas! I vote #4– I like the alliteration and the circular concept. It represents the community concept really well.
Jean Hemmig
#21! Love the ideas
This is hard!!! I love Terri’s slogan ideas and Tiffany’s #8...I think my final answer has to be #4. I can see myself wearing it and it’s a great representation of what 30Seconds is all about! Great job everyone!
Denise Mantell
Lots of ideas that I love. I vote for #4
Gregg Halstead
Gotta go with my wife’s entry 4! You nailed it Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead !
Darrell Hemsley
Number 4. I love the concept and it captures the essence of 30Seconds.
Laura Smith
Definitely #4 - looks awesome!
Jessica Acree
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead - your design was totally on track with mine! But you nailed it! :) Connect would be a great last word for my submission... thanks for including that Donna John! I was off the grid for a couple weeks! <3 Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds you have created such a wonderful, positive community! xoxo
Ann Marie Patitucci
Jessica Acree : Great minds...! :) Thank you. And I couldn't agree more about this community!

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