Come On, Summer: 5 Signs That I'm Ready for the School Year to End Already! by Dawn Taylor

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4 years ago

Come On, Summer: 5 Signs That I'm Ready for the School Year to End Already!

I love structure and school days, and my hard-working children/scholars make me a proud mom almost every day. But, when the school year starts to wind down, there are signs that this mom is ready for summer vacation. Here are five signs that I am ready:

  • My alarm clock that was once set for 6 a.m. that allowed me plenty of time to assist with morning routines is now met with grunts and groans (mine) and the snooze button is showing signs of wear and tear.
  • The cut-up veggies and fruit for my kids to add to their lunches are now replaced with veggie crackers and Fruit by the Foot. Pretty much the same, right?
  • Permission slips returned pronto are now emails begging teachers to still let my kids go on end-of-the-year field trips. My need to impress is gone. Who can find a pen or pencil in June, anyway??
  • Shouting "I love you" while still in bed counts as a proper send off. I'm teaching them independence after all. If they don't know how to pick outfits by now, I have bigger worries.
  • When kids are running late for school my response sounds like this: " They don't use it against you on college apps!! BYE!!"

Mrs. Taylor ... OUT.

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Donna John
LOL! Yes, do I remember those days! :-) Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor
Donna John never forget those days but sure gonna miss them when they’re gone
Mike Prochaska
Lol yes! 10 more days to go!!
Dawn Taylor
More for us in northern N.Y. 😬 they go to June 25
Mike Prochaska
June 25 omg that way to late! We get out 20 days before you
Dawn Taylor
Mike Prochaska when I lived in Canada it was also a very late start to summer, and also in Western PA, but then Northern NY is basically Canada so back to shorter summer break!! UGH for the kids, okay for me as it is easier to navigate work scheduling... :)
Elisa Schmitz
It's definitely time! May is busier than the holidays, I always say. Come on, summer! Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor
Yes this time of year is nuts right through July. My kids birthdays are June 25, July 5,8 and 12 lol Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Karen Vega
Yes, June 26 can't come fast enough. :)
Carol Goldie
This teacher mom is more than ready to be done.
Permissions skips? Hah, mine get signed when my kids come into class and drop it on my desk😂😂😂
Dawn Taylor
haha I know you see so much more as a parent and mom!! Joys of being both!! :)

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