Come On, Summer: 5 Signs That I'm Ready for the School Year to End Already! by Dawn Taylor

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7 months ago
Come On, Summer: 5 Signs That I'm Ready for the School Year to End Already!

OK, I love structure and I love school days and my hard-working children/scholars make me a proud mom almost every day. But, when the school year starts to wind down there are signs that this mom is ready for summer vacation. Here are five signs that I am ready:

  • My alarm clock that was once set for 6 a.m. that allowed me plenty of time to assist with morning routines is now met with grunts and groans (mine) and the snooze button is showing signs of wear and tear.
  • The cut-up veggies and fruit for my kids to add to their lunches are now replaced with veggie crackers and Fruit by the Foot. Pretty much the same, right?
  • Permission slips returned pronto are now emails begging teachers to still let my kids go on end-of-the-year field trips. My need to impress is gone. Who can find a pen or pencil in June, anyway??
  • Shouting "I love you" while still in bed counts as a proper send off. I'm teaching them independence after all. If they don't know how to pick outfits by now, I have bigger worries.
  • When kids are running late for school my response sounds like this: " They don't use it against you on college apps!! BYE!!"

Mrs. Taylor ... OUT.

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Donna John
LOL! Yes, do I remember those days! :-) Dawn Taylor

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