Why We Hide: 4 Things I've Learned From My Unconventional Path in Life by Brittany Moffatt

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6 years ago

Why We Hide: 4 Things I've Learned From My Unconventional Path in Life

My life situation is so upside down it makes me crazy at times. Taking care of a toddler, worrying about an aging husband who’s nearly 40 years my senior and trying to gain meaningful employment in a new city feels completely overwhelming at times. However, I’ve been able to shed some important light on things I think I would not have understood until much, much later in life if I had chosen a “conventional” path.

  • Mortality! Don’t take it for granted! Ever!
  • Do not neglect to read every line (however annoying) of your insurance policies, legal documents, Social Security or any retirement documents. If you do not understand find someone to explain it.
  • Follow your gut, inner voice, shoulder angels or whatever your heart tells you. Your instincts can pull from a source in the universe that your head just cannot comprehend. Trust it.
  • Lastly, do not hide. It’s easy to shut people out, make an excuse not to call, write people off (I’m not talking about the toxic ones – they need to go!), but make space in your heart and in your life for those who matter. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, you don’t want to listen to your mother’s cooking tips for the 100th time, but trust me when I say, you’ll cherish that call, text or visit later in life.

We hide because it’s easy. We hide because we are too tired. We hide because it seems safe. Do not do it. You’ll thank yourself later. 

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Elisa Schmitz
This really speaks to me, Brittany Moffatt . You are so right. It's safer and easier to hide. But you're right, we shouldn't. Lots to think about here, thank you. xo
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for being so open and self reflective so others can learn and reflect too, @blp0407. You’re so very right about the hiding. I have a feeling this will be relatable to many in our community.
Stephanie Cannoe
I hear you. And I SO love the line, 'Your instincts can pull from a place in the universe that your head can't comprehend. That's the unconventional journey I know, not for the faint of heart. 💓
Jen Imbaro
Yes, the hiding resonates for sure! Coming out of hiding is something I've been actively working on. In fact, I just did that in a big way today by sharing my post about going through divorce. Sharing always makes me feel just a little bit lighter.

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