The First Year As a First-Time Parent: Living on Coffee, Cold Medicine & a Prayer by Brittany Moffatt

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6 years ago

The First Year As a First-Time Parent: Living on Coffee, Cold Medicine & a Prayer

A picture worth a thousand words. At our daughter's first birthday you can see the wear and tear of the last year on me. I love this picture because to me it's motherhood summed up. I'm trying to listen to an adult conversation, feed the baby, look at how much time we have left before the hurricane rolls in, wondering if she needs a new diaper – and all with a terrible head cold.

As a mom you are the keeper of all things: family schedules, doctor appointments, birthdays, baby clothes and sizes, sleep schedules, and on and on. Your brain is tired just from the constant needs of it all, and I think you can see that on my face.

For first-time parents, throwing big first birthday parties is more for themselves than their oblivious 1-year-old. You want to see and to reassure your friends and family you have emerged from the newborn phase alive. We need to start making "We did it!" plaques and "Here's to your 400th poopie diaper!" banners to celebrate along with the much-needed conversation and cocktails.

The party should conclude with all the food being thrown on the floor just to prepare you for the toddler phase. Being a parent is hard, so throw the damn party. Cheers!

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Kimberly Johnson
The first year really is rough and exhausting - I still to this day tell new moms that my "worst" day of motherhood so far was the day we brought my daughter (now 10 years old) home from the hospital. Congratulations on making it through in one piece!
Brittany Moffatt
Absolutely! I'm an only child and was rarely around kids. To say it was an adjustment and learning curve is an understatement. I also am the type of person that will study read and it was so hard for me not be able to just "find an answer" to a question. A question like, "it's 3am, she's completely fed, dry and warm... WHY ON EARTH IS SHE CRYING?" LOL
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Brittany Moffatt ! Thank you for sharing this authentic experience. Parenting is tough, whether on day one or year 18. "Being a parent is hard, so throw the damn party!" You said it, chica!! Welcome to our tribe. So excited to learn and grow with you! :-)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing your story and experiences, Brittany Moffatt ! How very relate-able! Welcome to the tribe. We're so very happy to have you!
Brittany Moffatt
Yes, it has. It's better now that she can communicate more and we've taught her some sign language which has really helped. She feels that we understand her needs and is the happiest little kid in the world.
Gail Harris
Brittany Moffatt First, welcome. Second welcome to motherhood. Just be open, Grow. Learn. Be open, grow, learn. Celebrate, Trust. #MotherhoodRocks. Just ask me
Brittany Moffatt
Love this! Thanks, Gail. Yes, motherhood does ROCK! ~Cheers
Janette Blaydes
🕇Amen!! Our beautiful blessings!❤Mother of 8 and 23 grandchildren 🕊Blessings Abundantly🙌❤
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness Brittany Moffatt this is so true! My first turns 16 this month and I feel like throwing a party for ME that he made it to 16 LOL! There is never a dull moment around here with our 4 kids. Most important make YOU a priority guilt free. I learned that the hard way and want to pass that on to ALL moms no matter if your a new mom or veteran mom or grandmother. :)
Jessica Acree
HARD doesn't even sum it up... heck yes throw that party! I adore that you looked at that photo and felt like a bad a** mom who ROCKED IT! You have the right attitude for survival, that's for sure!

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