​Take a Shot at Happiness: The 3 Essentials to a Happier You From "Survivor" Producer by Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA

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5 months ago

​Take a Shot at Happiness: The 3 Essentials to a Happier You From "Survivor" Producer

We all want to be happy, or at least happier – this is a universal desire, like the oxygen we all need to breathe. The pursuit of happiness is a privilege seated in the United States Declaration of Independence. Yet, it is something that often illudes many. Something we put off for another time. After the kids are grown, when I make more money, (insert) reason. The truth is we all need happiness, and we need it now.

In my book, Take a Shot at Happiness: How to Write, Direct & Produce the Life You Want, I explore what I term Happiness Essentials – the values that shape one's well-being, or rather our whole-being, in mind, body and soul. At the heart of creating the life we want are three foundational Happiness Essentials: faith, love and health. When nurtured, these essentials can transform your overall whole-being from the negative and unproductive to the positive and productive – toward what is good.

  1. Faith is the bedrock of one's happiness, believing that a power greater than yourself is always there to guide and support you, even and especially when things get rough. How you define faith is up to you. Whether you are grounded in faith in a higher power, the goodness inherent in humanity or the optimism that life holds, this belief makes you resilient. It gives your life purpose and meaning – this is hugely important, for they are a vessel for hope and perspective regardless of circumstance.
  2. Love, the universal language of connection, gives joy, delight and meaning to all our relationships. We are designed for human connection. Our lives are richer and fuller by the bonds we form, be it romantic relationships, familial ties or friendships. Love generates positive emotions, empathy and profound happiness. It transcends boundaries, creating a sense of belonging vital to our whole-being.
  3. Health in mind, body and spirit is also one of the keys to a vibrant and happy life, and taking care of it is your best insurance plan. Making health a priority through regular exercise, a balanced diet, staying hydrated, sufficient rest, mindful practices and prayer enables us to face each day with a more positive outlook. Praying, in particular, helps you feel connected to the greater universe, giving you the sense that you are not alone. Being healthy in mind, body and spirit not only uplifts your overall quality of life, it also creates a supportive springboard toward going after your dreams.

These three Happiness Essentials give way to other virtues like gratitude, forgiveness and peace. They are interconnected and elevate our daily experiences. As we navigate life's ups and downs, these essentials guide us toward a more sustainable and purpose-led existence. To get started, first choose to be happy. Then, every day, back up this choice with action. Find something you enjoy doing, spend time with a friend or get out into nature; all this helps and matters to your whole-being. 

So, take your best shot at happiness.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful perspective, especially as we start a new year. Many thanks for sharing your insights with us!

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