Element Personality Types: Debra Silverman's Tips for Moving Past Post-Pandemic Anxiety for Water, Fire, Air & Earth Personality Types by Debra Silverman, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Guide

2 years ago

Element Personality Types: Debra Silverman's Tips for Moving Past Post-Pandemic Anxiety for Water, Fire, Air & Earth Personality Types

As we attempt to shift into post-pandemic life and embrace our freedom, many of us are finding that we’ve lost our momentum. We feel anxious and lethargic, and we wonder why.

You’ve had a whole year to sit with your shadow. And now you are face to face with all of those quirky parts of you that you dislike. The parts of you that are eccentric or rebellious, the parts that laugh too loud or cry too much ... good luck trying to hold those parts in without effects.

Today, we are feeling the effects of facing those parts of ourselves that we dislike through the long months of the pandemic. Healing can be found in the four elements: water, air, earth and fire.

First, figure out which element is your personality type. Then follow my tips for moving past post-pandemic anxiety and lethargy.

1. WATER Personality Type

Cry easily, sentimental, non-verbal when upset, gut reactions to people, second-guess yourself, negative self-talk, private person, hypersensitive (emotionally or physically), fascinated by the supernatural, love music.

  • Connect with your feelings and let your emotions flow. Try journaling each day about something that touched your heart. Get a little courageous and begin sharing those experiences with someone else.
  • Give yourself permission to take time to readmeditate and take naps.
  • Create (or find) a sacred space. Go there for at least 10 minutes a day to be still and reconnect with yourself.

2. AIR Personality Type

Talkative, enjoy watching people and asking questions, finish people’s sentences, easily get bored with people, can remember numbers and details, easily distracted by external stimuli, change plans easily, forget where you put things, harmony is essential – even at a high cost.

  • When you speak to others, speak from the heart. Practice saying these sentences: “I need you,” “I miss you,” “I feel sad,” “I was wrong,” “I need help.”
  • Learn to use mantras in meditation. This is a short answer to the question of how to tame the mind and cultivate air.

3. EARTH Personality Type

Saving money is important, others consider you practical and grounded, clean the house when upset, thorough and deliberate with work, sensitive to tastes and smells, prefer to be in control, being in nature is essential, goal-oriented, dependable, slow to change.

  • Practice saying the mantra, “Nowhere to go and nothing to do”; this is the art of relaxing. Find time to dig in the dirt or watch the clouds float by.
  • Take risks and let go of worrying.
  • Be philanthropic and give to charities or volunteer. Be honest with yourself and ask: “How do I give back to the Earth in my day-to-day living, work, and service?”

4. FIRE Personality Type

Thrive on exercise and physical activity, outspoken, lots of energy, passionate, intense, find humor in life, deeply spiritual or philosophical, inspire others to take action, anger others, life of the party, fight for the underdog.

  • Practice asking for and giving feedback. Listen without defensiveness.
  • Exercise is the quickest way to fire up the body when there is depression or lethargy. Go slow and don’t be discouraged; it may take some time, but once the regimen is in place, it is much easier to sustain health.
  • Take communication classes. You have a tendency to burn bridges and cut people out when you are done with them. Revisit old friends and open your heart to what you may have done to contribute to the story.

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Been watery lately. This is so interesting!
Elisa Schmitz
What a fascinating perspective, Debra Silverman, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Guide . I find myself seeing a bit of each personality type in mine. Hmm! Thank you for sharing, and welcome to 30Seconds!
Very cool. 🙏🏼

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