How to Keep a Powerful Journal With Little Effort: 4 Ways to Save a "Moment in Time" & See Life Patterns Emerge by Marge Jesberger

5 years ago

How to Keep a Powerful Journal With Little Effort: 4 Ways to Save a "Moment in Time" & See Life Patterns Emerge

Every laugh, smile or celebration will be yours for a lifetime, if you keep a journal. Whether you blog or write in a leather-bound book, you will be able to keep these pivotal memories forever. Here are some types of journals that you may want to experiment with:

  • Wellness Journal: Track your health by writing it down. By reading some of your past entries, you may see your past health habits. Seasonal patterns also may become apparent. Stuffy nose, allergies? Stomachache over the holidays? Aching joints? Weather related? You might even be able to figure out your sleep cycles.
  • One-Sentence Journal: No time to write? Most everyone can manage one sentence. This technique will force you to compress 24 hours into the shortest form. Think about what you want to remember that day and save all the details, drama and distractions for another time or place.
  • Nature Journal: You can record weather and change of seasons. Include bird sightings and garden plantings. Press flowers or autumn leaves between the pages.
  • Kids' Funny Sayings Journal: Jot down the goofy and profound things they say at different ages. You will love looking back at these some day. 

My diary probably won't become famous, but that won't stop me from diligently writing in it every day to capture "one moment in time."

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Elisa Schmitz
What wonderful suggestions, Marge Jesberger ! I especially love the one sentence journal. Yes, most of us can and should do this, thank you!
Tiffany Zook
Thankfulness journals are also great ways to count your blessings.

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