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Sedentary Lifestyles: 5 Ways to Help a Loved One Live a More Active & Healthy Life

We typically wish for those we love to live their best, most healthful lives. That’s why it can be both frustrating and worrisome when a loved one slips onto a more sedentary lifestyle track – one that could be harmful to their long-term well-being. You want to help them recommit to exercise and fitness, but you’re not sure exactly how to do it both lovingly and effectively. It begins with simply starting a conversation, says Chicago physical therapist Marc Gregory Guillen.

“We all want our loved ones to be around forever, so from the start, they should know you’re coming from a good place,” says Guillen. “And, while health and exercise may be difficult topics to breach, the long-term benefits are worth the uncomfortable conversation.”

Such outward benefits, of course, include more energy, increased productivity, a more positive attitude and a better sense of well-being. Over the long term, regular exercise improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, helps manage weight and reduces the risk of numerous ailments and diseases.

“Let them know you care about their long-term health and well-being, and that you’re there to support them any way you can,” Guillen adds. Such support can come in several ways. Guillen suggests you try the following:

  • Set an Example: Your concern will certainly carry more weight if you regularly exercise yourself. But beyond that, resolve to also set a new wellness goal or try a new activity. People are more likely to be active and try something new when someone close to them is doing the same.
  • Do Activities Together: The buddy system works. Exercising and being active together will help you both be more motivated, more willing to try new things and develop more consistency.
  • Make It a Routine: Speaking of consistency, this should be part of any new effort to be more active. Creating a routine is one of the best ways to establish accountability with one another (a little positive peer pressure) and help ensure the effort is long lasting.
  • Give Healthful Gifts: This can be touchy. However, if you’re both truly on board with helping one another be more active, gifts like a yoga mat, a fitness tracker, a piece of exercise equipment or a gift certificate to try a new class or activity should be appropriate.
  • Just Be Supportive: Re-establishing new routines and habits is difficult, especially if your partner’s been in a rut for a long period of time. Simply offering support, encouragement, a kind word, a listening ear or a compliment can go a long ways.

Also, if you discover pain or physical limitations are keeping your loved one from exercising or living a more active life, have him or her see a physical therapist.

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Being an example is so important. 👍
Elisa Schmitz
I love the idea to give healthful gifts. Wonderful advice here!
Getting up and moving no matter what you do, that’s key. Keep moving! 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻
Jeremy George Lake Charles
Nice ! Thanks for the tips the employees
Vita Haus Supplements
Exercising and being active together will help you both be more motivated, more willing to try new things, and develop . Staying active is great for our physical health, and it can also help fight stress and anxiety that may arise as your family deals.

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