Biofeedback: The Healing Power of Touch & Body Awareness by Allison Peacock

5 years ago

Biofeedback: The Healing Power of Touch & Body Awareness

Biofeedback sounds complicated, but it’s just a fancy way of saying “body awareness.” You may be able to alleviate pain and melt away stress with a simple touch. Next time you’re stuck in traffic or about to unload your worries on a friend, try it. 

  • Simply put a palm on either your heart or your belly – whichever feels the most tense. 
  • Feel the connection and breathe. 

Where you touch can’t help but grab your awareness. Moving your attention back to your body takes it away from the continuous loop of your mind and its frustrations. We all know a mother’s touch is healing – use it on yourself!

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is fascinating, Allison Peacock . I know there are practitioners who do this as well, right? I would love to try it!
I agree with the basic definition of biofeedback, but in the context of today, biofeedback is a technology which allows us to feel, see & understand the invisible responses of emotional cues, anxieties, etc in relation to our physical capacities such as breathing rate. Real biofeedback is not looking in the mirror, touching our tense neck or checking our weight on the scale, but it is a more in-depth awareness that can ONLY be understood with a modern technology applied to yield an advantage which we cannot find with simply touching yourself. I suggest that everyone look up biofeedback or go to a site like or webmd or wikipedia to use this very valuable 'more than a buzzword' concept to their highest advantage.

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