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9 months ago
Going Gluten-Free: 3 Reasons Why Millions of Americans Have Given Up Gluten

More than 3.1 million Americans already form their eating habits around the exclusion of the binding protein, gluten. And more people are looking to cut it out of their diets every day. Many foodies have given up – or are preparing to give up – gluten in their day-to-day snacks and meals. From necessity to general diet improvement, here are three reasons why millions of people are opting to go gluten-free:

Celiac Disease: Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that prevents people from eating gluten, as it will damage their small intestine. People with celiac disease give up gluten out of necessity in order to lessen their pain and prevent further internal damage to their bodies.

Gluten Intolerance: Gluten intolerance tends to sometimes be confused and misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, if a person has an intolerance to gluten, the protein causes digestive problems such as gassiness, abdominal pain or diarrhea. People experiencing these symptoms who have cut gluten out of their diet are able to rule out IBS and have an easier time digesting – and enjoying – their meals.

Good Health: In the words of Scott Pilgrim, “Bread makes you fat?” Cutting out foods that include wheat, barley and rye can help improve cholesterol, increase energy levels and promote healthy weight loss. Many people cut out gluten in order to meet their weight goals and also strive toward a healthier and cleaner diet.

Learn more about National Gluten-Free Day.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
My doctor suggested I remove gluten from my diet several years ago because I likely am intolerant to it. I feel better since giving up gluten, and it's surprisingly easy to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle. My family eats less gluten because of it and never know the difference. Thanks for this helpful info!
Been thinking about this for health reasons. Thanks for the info!
Kathy Koenig
This is good to know. This gives me an opportunity to focus on being gluten-free on one day and moving it forward into the week. I've done better when I have cut back on gluten but it's easy to fall into old habits. Thanks for the inspiration!

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