Kathy comes to the Caregiving.com community with a rich and varied background working in the health and wellness field. Professionally, she brings decades of experience as a medical social worker, psychotherapist, health coach, yoga and meditation instructor, hospice volunteer, and caregiver educator.

Personally, she’s cared for family members and friends locally as well as long-distance. Her professional background has helped her navigate systems and deal with the challenges that come with caregiving, including family relationships and communication dynamics.

While healthcare systems may evolve, family caregivers remain constant in their need for resources, recognition, and respect. Kathy recognizes that caregiving is not restricted to age, place, relationship, or circumstance. Providing compassionate and individualized care is her goal in working with clients.

Kathy loves teaching caregiver classes and working individually with families. If you would like to schedule a complimentary 45-minute phone or Zoom call with Kathy please fill out the information below.

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