Self-Care During the Transitions of Life: 8 Easy Ways to Help Embrace the Challenges by Glenda Bundy

3 months ago
Self-Care During the Transitions of Life: 8 Easy Ways to Help Embrace the Challenges

Transitions are a normal occurrence throughout the life cycle – some positive, others negative. However, due to a degree of uncertainty, they can create stress and anxiety. Currently, I’m amid transition and recently found myself lost in the navigation.

After navigating the emotional element, it became obvious that I had to trust the process and commit to taking better care of myself. I’ve implemented the following actions and, although the transition is still occurring, I’m in a better place and prepared to embrace the challenges.

  • I’m energizing only the elements of which I have control.
  • I’m remaining true to myself despite external influences.
  • I’m focusing on self-care by creating opportunities to quiet my mind and soul.
  • I’m opening my heart to give and receive an abundance of love.

Finally, back to the basics: 

How do you practice self-care daily? 

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Donna John
What great advice, Glenda Bundy . I'm in one of those life transitions myself. It can be hard. Going to implement some of your tips. We've got this!
Glenda Bundy
Yes we do! Thanks Donna I should have added that a good support system is also key element:)
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! And I've been wondering if this happens more often to women than to men? In any event, I have found that self-care is the only way to get through it. I love your advice about what you decide to give energy to, as well. I'm focusing my attention on what I want to make happen. I agree with Donna John - we've got this. Thank you, Glenda Bundy !
Glenda Bundy
Thanks Elisa, It's been a journey and yes we've got it!!
Kandice Cole
Such simple and profound advice Glenda!
Debbie Howard
So true. It always comes back to "the basics" of self-care, sooner or later ... and layering on a good support network helps greatly.

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