Self-Care During the Transitions of Life: 8 Easy Ways to Help Embrace the Challenges by Glenda Bundy

5 years ago

Self-Care During the Transitions of Life: 8 Easy Ways to Help Embrace the Challenges

Transitions are a normal occurrence throughout the life cycle – some positive, others negative. However, due to a degree of uncertainty, they can create stress and anxiety. Currently, I’m amid transition and recently found myself lost in the navigation.

After navigating the emotional element, it became obvious that I had to trust the process and commit to taking better care of myself. I’ve implemented the following actions and, although the transition is still occurring, I’m in a better place and prepared to embrace the challenges.

  • I’m energizing only the elements of which I have control.
  • I’m remaining true to myself despite external influences.
  • I’m focusing on self-care by creating opportunities to quiet my mind and soul.
  • I’m opening my heart to give and receive an abundance of love.

Finally, back to the basics: 

How do you practice self-care daily? 

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Donna John
What great advice, Glenda Bundy . I'm in one of those life transitions myself. It can be hard. Going to implement some of your tips. We've got this!
Glenda Bundy
Yes we do! Thanks Donna I should have added that a good support system is also key element:)
Elisa Schmitz
YES! And I've been wondering if this happens more often to women than to men? In any event, I have found that self-care is the only way to get through it. I love your advice about what you decide to give energy to, as well. I'm focusing my attention on what I want to make happen. I agree with Donna John - we've got this. Thank you, Glenda Bundy !
Glenda Bundy
Thanks Elisa, It's been a journey and yes we've got it!!
Kandice Cole
Such simple and profound advice Glenda!
Debbie Howard
So true. It always comes back to "the basics" of self-care, sooner or later ... and layering on a good support network helps greatly.
Laura Allen-Davis
WOW! I don't know what led me to Glenda's page today, but it is RIGHT ON TIME! Very Practical Common Sense Advice, that we often over look. thanks Glenda, I'm so glad to see you using your Talents and Compassion to Help Others!!

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