I would describe my nursing career as an exciting journey – one that has included unexpected stops, twists and turns. And, this journey is still in motion.
I’ve been a nurse for almost three decades. My diverse nursing experience ranges from acute care, public health, to case management and teaching.
Through my healthcare experiences, I began to recognize a common theme – patients were reactive when it came to their health care needs. Few patients relied on preventative health care. As a result, I began to question how I could transition and help people to become more proactive with their health and well-being.

This led me to find opportunities to integrate my nursing practice with other wellness frameworks.
I began to learn more about holistic frameworks and methodologies, such as integrative nurse coaching and meditation. I received training at the International Nurse Coach Association and ultimately became board certified as a nurse coach by the American holistic nursing association.
In addition, I’ve studied at the Huntington Mediation and Imagery Center in New York where I hold certifications in transpersonal coaching and clinical meditation and imagery. Through this work, I’ve learned how integration of our mind, bodies, and emotions help us to live more healthy and energetic lives. Experiencing these principles firsthand have helped to improve my own life. The key is understanding that change begins from within before it can be maintained externally.

As an Integrative Nurse Coach, I support and coach individuals seeking lifestyle changes. I also teach mindfulness/meditative practices to promote mindful living.
Being an Integrative nurse coach allows me to coach other nurses, individuals, and organizations that desire to utilize holistic principles in their personal and professional lives. My most satisfying work is providing mindfulness/stress management techniques in group settings.

I am excited to be able to empower people to make lifestyle changes that lead to better living and a better life. I practice with integrity and passion to ensure the best outcomes of individuals in need of care.

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