Simple Fitness Strategies: 10 Exercise Cues to Help Get You Moving Every Day by Susan Masterson, PhD

5 years ago

Simple Fitness Strategies: 10 Exercise Cues to Help Get You Moving Every Day

One of the best strategies regular exercisers use is keeping exercise cues around. Research shows this is part of habit development. Here are 10 easy tricks to try:

  • If you can, put your athletic shoes on when you get dressed. If not, bring them with you so you can pop them on when you have a break.
  • Wear a sports bra from the get-go. Don't give yourself the excuse that you have to change into it!
  • If you wear a ring daily, it can be uncomfortable when you exercise. Find a comfortable ring and keep it on as a visual cue and to eliminate one more reason to say, "I can't right now."
  • My Fitbit was a godsend when I was starting the habit. A fitness tracker is both a reminder and can motivate you to hit each next goalpost through the day.
  • Set your favorite workout song as your alarm in the morning.
  • Use visuals like sticky notes and printed memes. Put them wherever it makes sense to do a quick 10 (jumping jacks, etc.).
  • Turn notifications "on" for groups, apps, etc., that cue you to exercise.
  • Keep a step bench near the TV to keep stepping while you watch your favorite show.
  • Identify a short distance you can walk when you have a moment.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this actionable advice, Susan Masterson . Everyone can do these little things to help keep them on track, thank you!
Susan Masterson, PhD
Thanks! There have been some questions about this tip on my friend's FB page, so I'm linking the original explanations here.
Dawn Taylor
Some great tips here. One thing I will mention as a personal trainer, is that many people don't want to associate their homes with exercise. Getting them outside or to the gym is the only way they can motivate. Home is their rest place. Not true for everyone of course, but many of my clients need to be away. So, in this case I would say to pack your workout bag and always have fresh clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc ready to go. Leave in your car if it helps. And if all else fails, hire a personal trainer :)
Susan Masterson, PhD
I'm targeting the ones who can't afford or don't want to go outside the home. A personal trainer is a dream for so many!
Dawn Taylor
Makes perfect sense, I just wanted to add my two cents. Yes personal training and gyms can be expensive, but for those who do join a gym, sometimes keeping a bag ready helps. Also taking a class, which doesn't require memberships at most places and you get guidance throughout the whole workout. Again, great tips :)
Susan Masterson, PhD
Re: group classes: One of my FAVORITE ways to get into the fitness groove!
Dawn Taylor
I love teaching them. I find it much easier to motivate 20 people than 1 actually. People feel less pressure in large groups.
Ahmed Bakran
Make it a lifestyle, not a duty

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