Why Wait for Weight Loss? 5 Reasons Exercise Is Rewarding Right Away by Susan Masterson, PhD

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2 years ago
Why Wait for Weight Loss? 5 Reasons Exercise Is Rewarding Right Away

It’s one thing to start exercising, but without a quick reward it’s hard to stick with it. With a little thought, you can see rewards right in front of you! 

  • I’m alive. When I'm exercising, my senses wake up. Music is better, colors are brighter. Getting the blood flow picked up clears my head.
  • I’m hopeful. Since lifestyle is the strongest predictor of chronic illness, with my family history I feel hopeful that living well will help me break the cycle.
  • I get a mental break. When exercising, I can allow myself not to think about my stressors. When I change my mental channel, even for a little while, it does me wonders.
  • My stress level decreases. When my life seems overwhelming, getting out and moving not only gives me a break, but the effect lasts well beyond the workout.
  • Small accomplishments give me big rewards. When I'm just starting out, going X number of yards/minutes without walking (usually short) makes me feel great. Just bumping it up a little each time gives an emotional reward much bigger than the achievement.

Often, we start exercising but stop soon after. Find small rewards along the way for powerful motivators – you just have to look for them!

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Cynthia Miller
Dear Susan, thank you for this share. I find the exact same thing, and it is reinforcing to me to read this from someone else. When I run outside, the nature impact is doubly significant. After about a week, I'm really WANTING to go exercise -- just breaking through those first few sessions is the tough part. Thanks for the inspiration!

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