Postnatal Yoga: New Mom, Here's How to Set Up Your Yoga Space! by Melissa Hurt

4 years ago

Moms often start up a postnatal yoga practice once cleared by their doctors or midwives. But many don't know to set up their space. I created this video to explain all you need for a safe, relaxing practice. The baby senses Mom is near since Mom stays close. Mom feels more relaxed because she is close to her baby and can even keep her hand on Baby while she breathes and meditates. Here's how to set up your yoga space:

  • Place a folded blanket in the middle of the mat.
  • Place a folded blanket at the top of the mat with a receiving blanket on top for Baby to lie on.
  • Have a yoga strap and two blocks to the side of the blanket with Baby.
  • Perhaps have a bolster nearby, as well.
  • Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more tips to come on postnatal yoga. You can follow my musings and teachings at Enjoy!

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