A Word (or Two!) About Fitness & Exercise: Make It Easy & Consistent by Charlene Torkelson

5 years ago

A Word (or Two!) About Fitness & Exercise: Make It Easy & Consistent

I’ve been fairly fit all of my life. I do moderate low-impact exercises, and there have been those who have made comments to me implying fitness comes from pushing the body to the limits – running faster, challenging a bit more with heavier weights and putting in more and more time each day. I used to listen and after pondering the words, feel inadequate in my attempts to stay in shape.

I am now 67 years old. I have no health issues, no pains, no operations on worn out parts of my body, and a healthy mental and physical outlook on life. Those who did make me feel my fitness plan was less than stellar are now plagued with back problems, replaced hips and knees, and stiff, sore joints. I guess my plan was adequate after all!

I take a few minutes each day – 10 to 20 minutes – to do moderate stretching. Oftentimes, lifting light weights – no more than 2 to 5 pounds. Oh yes, I also teach ballroom dancing – considered by most to be of no fitness value due to the light, easy movements that do not tax the body.

My one word about fitness: easy. Make it easy and consistent. Your body will appreciate it as well as your overall health.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love this perspective on exercise, Charlene Torkelson ! I agree that you don't need to take it to the extreme to have it be effective. I like my walking and yoga, but I do think I need more weight/strength building. Working on it (in my own way)!
Susan Masterson, PhD
I'm shooting to live like you!

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