Docu-series & Your Health: Why Should You Sign Up for One? Here's Why! by Tina Buenzli

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5 years ago

Docu-series & Your Health: Why Should You Sign Up for One? Here's Why!

A docu-series is a multi-day video series where dozens of doctors and researchers are interviewed on a particular subject centering upon a certain health condition or topic of concern. It is designed to give you the most up-to-date information, published research and wealth of knowledge due to experience from these experts.

I often get asked how I have obtained so much knowledge on such a variety of health topics. One way is that I have had the existence of docu-series when I needed it most. How often in life are you given the ability to listen to a multitude of doctors and researchers who are experts in a particular health concern for free?? 

And then, if you want the data and videos for further study, you can purchase the entire series (and oftentimes the transcripts to the interviews as well) to listen to as often as you want for less than what it would be to pay for one doctor visit. In addition to hearing the expertise of the doctors and researchers from all over the world, valuable resources are given, sometimes contact information, and often more free downloads with additional pertinent information.

Stay tuned to learn what free docu-series are coming soon!

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Elisa Schmitz
I think it's amazing how much health care you can get online these days. Aside from credible websites, you can even connect with doctors live for consultations. I will be on the lookout for your info about docu-series. Sounds like an awesome option to learn more about your health concerns. Thank you for sharing, Tina Buenzli !

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