True Health: 8 Essential Steps for Gaining Back Your Health! by Tina Buenzli

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6 years ago

True Health: 8 Essential Steps for Gaining Back Your Health!

If I had to summarize quickly what steps a person needs to take to gain back their health, it would be these eight steps. I want to stress that these actions are crucial in order to triumph over health. Think “baby steps.” Pick one thing a month, if your health has the time to wait.

Clean Water: Drink it! Half your body weight, in ounces. Every day.

Detox Your Liver, Mind and Other Organs Often: There are an abundance of toxins that we are exposed to daily. Our bodies are only designed to filter a given number of toxins each day. 

Flush Your Lymph System: Empty your internal "trash can."

Eat Organic, Eat Wild, Eat Grass-fed, Eat Clean: Food is medicine. It can either help you or make you sick.

Juice: Just do it! Fresh and organic only, please.

Do a Cleanse: Liver, gallbladder and parasite cleanse at least two times a year, minimum.

Supplements: Find out what nutrients and trace minerals you are lacking and supplement.

Meditate: And then listen and follow your inner guidance.

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Donna John
Great list! I'm curious about the cleanses you recommend. Can you tell us more about those? (Maybe as tips?) Tina Buenzli
Tina Buenzli
Of course Donna John - I definitely plan on it!
Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tips, Tina Buenzli ! Can you tell us more about flushing the lymph system? I would love to try but don't know how. Thank you!
Tina Buenzli
I will be educating specifically on each of these steps on #30Seconds in the near future. In the meantime, my website and Blog have a lot more detailed information on these subjects. 😍
Tina Buenzli
For those reading this post, I do want to make you aware that the products suggested below from Amazon are not recommended by me. I thoroughly research any and all products I use to make sure toxins are not present. If you want to know what products I do recommend they can be found under my PRODUCT FAVORITES Section on my website. Thank you!

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