Tina Buenzli is a Medical Resource Consultant and Founder of the website www.TriumphOverHealth.com . Tina was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma Cancer as well as many other diseases, viruses and infections over the last several years. Through her diligent research and the discovery of many amazing doctors and researchers who know how to heal the body as a whole, she was able to heal herself from cancer and diagnosed diseases ~ NATURALLY. Tina is a mother of 3 who is passionate about educating not only her family, but others as well. She is out to lead families to the many hard to find resources and health practices so they too can achieve wellness and prevent what she and her family had to experience. Don't be surprised if she adds in some Family Fun ideas as well from time to time since she has always loved making life fun and full of adventures with her kids over the last 25 years and has some great tips to share.

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